Friday, April 3, 2015

Big Fish and Leg Workouts

Thursday Swim 

My swimmer friend, Kenzie and I finally got together to swim the tanks. Normally, there would be at least two other people with us but this wasn't one of those days. As we sat on the first WWII relic, we saw a huge fish swim by. We both looked at each other and silently pleaded the other to admit that the 2nd tank was probably not a good idea. We've swam these tanks more times than I can count, and we both love the water. But sometimes, the ocean could also be this intimidating force that dares you to find what's lurking underneath its grandeur. After exchanging some thoughts, about why we should or shouldn't, we decided to swim back. We then took some time to lay on the beach as the warm sun provided us with the warmth only those cancerous UV rays can provide. Totally worth it!

500 meters=0.31 miles

Mount Tapochau on Good Friday

Good Friday Hike

The whole family, dogs included, made it's way up Saipan's highest point to join in the yearly Good Friday pilgrimage. Packing 30 lbs on your back while trekking up a mountain should be penance enough. Despite the intense leg workout, I thoroughly enjoy these days. I hope our kids will continue to willingly share moments like today and remember these memories just as fondly.
I cannot believe that trek was only 6.2k (3.8 miles)!  


COMPLETED: 6.12 miles
93.88 MORE TO GO

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